Thanksgiving in June

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Definitely going to be a learning curve on this jam-making so first a quick record of what I did.
1. Pick, halve and pit 7 generous cups of plums.
2. Realize I didn’t buy sugar and just moved. Scrounge up about 4 generous cups of brown sugar and organic cane sugar crystals. dump into pot with plums, juice of two lemons, chopped up crystallized ginger and 2 cinnamon sticks.
3. Med Heat. Boil and stir boil and stir. Took a while, almost 35 minutes. started checking consistency with the frozen plate method around 25 minutes.
Results: great consistency for refrigerator jam, but the cinnamon and ginger….made it taste like something that will be delicious at thanksgiving, over a pork loin on a cold night, with goat cheese on crostini and hot toddies…in otherwords, like the holidays. I sort of knew going in that the cinnamon would do that, but i think 2 sticks was a wee bit overpowering. Into the freezer they go, to emerge and delight in November!


Easy as (Kimchi) Pie

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One memory I want to hold onto and remember to remember from this summer is the day I walked into my local korean grocery and stumbled upon the chaos that is a sale on gigantic napa cabbage during prime kimchi making season. the madness, oh the madness, it was wonderful. of course I walked out with 23 pounds of cabbage and a lifetime supply of gochugorang (korean chili powder) and a few tubs of house-made kimchi as a backup. the house made kimchi has been quicl=kly dwindling due to many meals of laziness/delicious sodium like this. kimchi fried rice with tofu and a fried egg. all i can say is that at least the fried tofu isn’t the fried pork belly we usually use for this dish?

Kale, Leek and Potato Frittata

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I make frittatas all the time, but i usually hope that dumping a lot of gruyere in will makeup for my tenency to overcoook and muddle the flavors of the fillings. this time, i took the time to cook each filling seperately and pull out of the oven while still runny. it made a world of difference. so did pairing with collectively owned yuppy beer; mothership organic wit.